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  • 股票简称: 安泰科技
  • 股票代码: 000969


型号:HIP1250 制造商:安泰科技粉末与制品分公司热等静压
联系人:销售:李经理 主管:陈总原产地:河北省涿州市


Remove the inner pores and defects to greatly improve the density of material



Closing function of HIP on the micro porous


As a kind of method to eliminate the internal defects of castings and improve the material properties , HIP densification, can improve the weldability, enhance mechanical properties and greatly reduce the degree of dispersion properties of material. When applied to different materials, because different HIP processes are needed, the control of temperature and pressure as well as the impurities and the chemical reaction becomes very difficult. Hence enough technology experiences are necessary.



Schematic diagram of HIP densification treatment



Real effect of HIP densification treatment


l  通过热等静压处理可以将很多铸件的性能(尤其耐疲劳性)提高到接近甚至超过锻件的水平;

l  Many performances of casting may be improved to the level even higher than that of the forging through HIP (especially fatigue resistance);

l  在等静压的作用下,材料内部孔隙消除的同时能够保持其原有的形状;

l  Under the isostatic effect, at the same time of eliminating the inner pores of the material, the original shape can be maintained;

l  通过热等静压处理可以有效的改善材料塑性及可焊性。

l  Able to effectively improve the ductility and weldability by HIP treatment.